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Allen Bradley PLC Trouble Shooting and Programming Classes

It has been our experience that when automation fails, it is most often something that is quick and easy to repair, such as adjusting a sensor. The real challenge, though, is identifying the problem. The last thing you want to do is to start blindly adjusting and replacing parts, because before you know it, one issue turns into ten. Sure, most machines will give you an alarm message to help solve issues, but anyone experienced in automation, will tell you that sometimes these alarms do not give you the whole picture. Rather, they can leave you chasing your tail for hours. These classes teach you how to use Allen Bradley software to troubleshoot machines, giving you the ability to see the whole picture of what is going on in your automation, so that you can quickly and confidently make repairs when needed, reducing downtime and maintenance costs. 

How it works

Frequently Asked Questions

What classes are available?

  • Studio 5000 for end users: Troubleshooting and intro to programming (3 Days)

  • RsLogix 500 for end users: Troubleshooting and intro to programming (3 Days)​​

Which class should I choose?

  • It depends upon what type of PLCs your equipment has. Studio 5000 is for automation with Control Logix and Compact Logix PLCs. RSLogix 500 is for automation with SLC 500 and MicroLogix PLCs. If you are not sure which class is appropriate, contact us and we will help you to figure what makes sense for you.

Who are these classes for?

  • This class has been put together specifically for maintenance techs and manufacturing engineers who maintain their own automation. No prior programming experience is required.

What will these classes teach me?

  • How to create backups of PLC programs as well as how to load them into the PLC.

  • Various Troubleshooting techniques for an example: how to use the trending tool to diagnose internment issues.

  • How to write a PLC program, as well as how to modify an existing program using Allen Bradley’s software

What makes these classes stand out?

  • The PLC Training Board

    • Most PLC trainers consist of a couple of push buttons and indicator lights wired to a PLC. Our trainer is a functioning machine with the same sensors and actuators that you might find on your full-sized equipment. The PLC trainer also has eight toggle switches that simulate various types of failures; this gives you the chance to troubleshoot a real machine using Allen Bradley software.

  • The Reference Book

    • Each student will get a hard copy of our book that is filled with examples, diagrams, and very detailed step by step instructions on how to use the trouble shooting techniques taught in the class. Click the link below to see the first few pages of our reference book

  • End User Focused

    • These classes were put together from the ground up with end user maintenance techs and engineers in mind. Therefore, the entire class is focused on skills that you will find useful, such as trouble shooting equipment and modifying existing programs.

  • Small class sizes​

    • Each class has four students or less ensuring that each student gets the individual attention that he/she needs to optimize the learning experience.

Where and when are classes held?

  • Classes are held in several locations in North East Ohio. See below for dates, cost and exact locations.

  • Private classes can also be held at your facility. (2 student minimum) Contact us to set up date and time.

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