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At Visionary Automated Solutions we pride ourselves on developing reliable, practical, and cost-effective automation to help our customers succeed.  We provide a wide range of automation services including designing and building new equipment, upgrading, or repairing existing automation, and formal in person automation troubleshooting classes. Contact us with your most challenging projects at (330) 998-3548 or at

Past Projects

Pick To Light Poka-Yoke

                One of our customers has a packaging cell where operators needed to pick various pieces of hardware from an array of bins and pack them in a box. Many boxes would leave the plant missing hardware due to operator mistakes, leading to many customer complaints. A pick to light system designed and built by Visionary Automated Solutions gave the operator a visual indication which bins needed to be picked from. It also sounded an alarm if a box was removed from the packing area before all the required hardware was picked. This led to the missing hardware complaints to drop to nearly zero.


Semi-Automatic Forming Machine

                A Visionary Automation customers had an existing machine that used large pneumatic cylinders to form steel parts into shape. This machine was imprecise and difficult to adjust. Operators frequently needed to rework parts that were out of tolerance, by bending them with just their bare hands. This led to operator fatigue and low productivity. Visionary Automated Solutions designed and built a similar machine that used a servo instead of pneumatic cylinders. This allows the operators to make very precise adjustments with the press of a button. This eliminated the need for the operator to bend parts by hand, increasing the productivity and greatly reducing operator fatigue.

Fully Automated Assembly Machine

                One of our customers had been gluing together several versions of a 3-piece assembly by hand for many years, but the demand for this part had grown so much that it became necessary to automate it. Visionary Automated Solutions designed and built a custom cell that utilizes two feeder bowls, 1 flex feeder and a vision guided robot to assemble 10 parts per minute. The cell is fully automated and only requires an operator to refill the feeders once every 90 minutes.

Control Cabinet
Pick and Place Robot Integration

Inline Vision Inspection

                  A Visionary Automation customers had an existing automated pad printing machine that would automatically print an image on a part then drop the part into a box. The problem they were having with this machine was that sometimes the printer would apply a blurry or incomplete image to the part. The machine could easily produce hundreds of scrap parts before anyone noticed. Visionary Automated Solution was able to integrate an inspection camera and a reject part chute. The machine now automatically inspects the image on every single part. Any bad parts are automatically rejected, and the machine automatically stops itself if the camera detects too many bad parts.

Vision System Integration

Controls Upgrades

                One of our customers have a 25-year-old assembly machine that was frequently breaking down with various electrical issues. The machine did not have an HMI and many of the electrical components were obsolete making repairs slow and difficult. Visionary Automated Solutions installed a modern PLC, HMI and various other components, eliminating the vast majority of electrical issues. New diagnostic screens on the HMI made trouble shooting much easier and changes to the PLC programming increased the machines output from 1,200 to 1,800 parts per hour.

Upgraded PLC
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